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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take to manufacture my portable building?

In most cases your portable building will take 10-12 weeks to complete.  If we encounter unexpected delays, we will always communicate these to you immediately, so you are always in the loop about all stages of the building progress.

2. Can I customize my portable building?

Yes, absolutely! Show us your Pinterest dream board and we will make it happen!

3. Do your portable homes require Council approval?

Not necessarily, because each Council has different requirements. Please contact us directly to talk about your specific location.

4. If our council does require approval of some sort, can you help with all of that? 

Yes we can

5. Can you install the portable building on our site?

Yes, we offer a turnkey package where we organise all the footings, delivery, crane hire, service connections and installation of your building.We can hold your hand from beginning to end if you wish.

6. Can I relocate my portable building in the future if I want to?

Yes, that is the beauty of a portable home, it gives you peace of mind should circumstances change you can relocate your home as often as you wish.

7. What if I only need the Portable Home for a few years whilst I'm building a home?

Lots of customers choose to live in a portable home on their block of land whilst they are building their dream home.The benefit of choosing a Paradise Portable Home is that we offer an exclusive Buyback Program* which means that we will buyback our portable home whenever you’re done with it and take care of all of the removal and make your property just as it was in the beginning.This is the perfect solution for people building new homes that aren’t sure how long their new build might take.

8. Can you give me a fixed price quote?

Yes, of course.There are no hidden costs when you choose Paradise Portables.We sign fixed price quotes before we commence any builds.

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