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The QLD Government has now made it so everyone can join in the airbnb money making craze by renting out your backyard portable home.  As of 23rd Sep 2022, the QLD announced that property owners can now rent secondary dwellings such as granny flats, to non-household members.

Please click these links here and here for further information about the announcement.

• Queensland Government

• Brisbane City Council

Paradise Portables can assist with guiding you through the process of getting your portable approved by a private certifier in just a few weeks, should you require it.  Some councils may not require any approvals at all.

Why is a Granny Flat/Secondary Dwelling a Great Investment?

Granny flats, secondary dwellings and auxiliary dwellings in Queensland are a very cost-effective investment as no extra land purchase is needed, no stamp duty or subdivision costs required and in most cases council development approval is also not required, making it a very low-cost property investment that traditionally give way over normal return on investments compared to traditional property rentals.

Double Digit Investment Return

YIELD Maximiser

By adding a portable home to your property, you're essentially adding another source of rental income, which in turn increases the overall value of your property. For example, imagine you own an investment property that generates $2,000 per month in rental income from one tenant. If you add a portable home to your backyard and rent it out for an additional $1,000 per month, your property's total rental income will increase to $3,000 per month.


This increased income stream makes your property more valuable and attractive to potential buyers or investors, as it offers the potential for greater returns on investment. Overall, adding a portable home to your property is a smart investment strategy for generating both immediate rental income and long-term capital growth.

Holiday Rental Income

Holiday rentals have become a popular investment strategy in Australia due to the country's thriving tourism industry. Platforms like Stayz and Airbnb have made it easier than ever to list your property for short-term rentals, with the potential for high returns on investment.


The average yield for an Airbnb property in Australia is around $1357 per week for a two-bedroom unit, and having a dedicated space such as a portable home on your property can increase your rental income even further. With the current trend in domestic tourism, investing in a portable home for use as a holiday rental can be the modern gold rush for property investors.

• Just how much could your property earn you on Airbnb?

You could do your bit to help the housing crisis while still making great money. Portable homes are the answer.

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